World Of Hope School Inc.

  Learner Today Leaders Tomorrow
Chou Sovannreangsey- Director


Completion of the secondary school certificate, and increasingly, being able to speak, read, and write English, are important prerequisites for getting a decent job. Without basic literacy and numeric skills it is difficult to get any job.   A lack of education locks many people into a perpetual poverty cycle: 

no education means no job; 

no job means no money; 

no money means no education; 

no education means helplessness 

And the cycle continues. 


The mission of World Of Hope School is to provide assistance in relieving destitution, helplessness and education to the children and families of Siem Reap. 


World of Hope believes in all aspects of the world in which we operate - environment, social, economic - creating a better tomorrow than today. 

Our Team


Sovannreangsey Chou 
(REY) - Cambodia

School Director
 I was born in 1986 at Takeo Province, Cambodia.  My family were farmers and very poor. When I was young my family could not afford to send me to school and it was my dream to study, learn about the  world and speak English. We had no free school in our area and a foreign school was too expensive. 
One day I met a monk,  I studied with him for 4 years learning English. I went from a young boy knowing nothing to a young man I am today with a masters degree, it was very hard and took a long time for me to achieve this. 
We are a small group of people that have a passion to help kids in the commune not only with schooling but in the future we hope to help build gardens with vegetables to share with our community. 

Leanne Sheen


In September 2014 I was privileged to be amongst some amazing students, teachers and volunteers that headed to Siem Reap, Cambodia to help in a local rural school. When I got off the plane I fell in love with the country then the people and the children just filled my heart with love.

My dream is to become a part of the community as a whole.  In the mean time along with these other amazing people, I will be raising funds, awareness and networking to sustain our school and give these beautiful children the start they deserve. I cannot wait to go back.  

Abbey Sheen

Fundraising Manager
I'm 20 years old and in September 2014 my school went to Siem Reap Cambodia, to build a kindy room. I knew then that I wanted to help the children to try and give them a great education. Everyday since returning my thoughts and love have been with the children of Cambodia. When the opportunity came up to help build and be apart of this new school I knew I had to jump right on to it and do whatever I could do to help them. I am very excited about the future of World of Hope. In July 2018 I took my son Lukas with me to visit the school he had a great time with the kids I will be taking him back as soon as I can

Brigitte Kitto

Committee Member

When I heard about what my wonderful friend Leanne was doing for this community I had to help. Changing and improving the lives of these children and their community is a fantastic and satisfying way to give back to those in less fortunate circumstances. I don't have a lot of spare
cash myself but I do have ideas, time and a commitment to this community.
I travelled to Cambodia with Leanne in June/July 2016 meeting the children and families was life changing.

Ashleigh Chadwick

Committee Member
My name is Rachel I am currently doing year 12. In January 2016 I was lucky enough to travel to Cambodia with my Mum and volunteer at World of hope school .I love being involved in the School . In January 2018 this time as a committee member  I will head to our School to reconnect with the children and this time I will be taking 2 of my friends. Being involved in the school and watching the children grow and learn is extremely satisfying