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Chou Sovannreangsey- Director


We are an Australian based grass roots charity dedicated to providing education and assistance to Phom Thmey Village and Porboh Village in the Svay dang kum commune Siem Reap, Cambodia. Our villages are in greater need of our help with many single parents and grandparents raising children. There are 523 families, 3883 people and of this there are 2687 children under the age of 18 that need educating.

Cambodia is still recovering from more than three decades of war in which an estimated 1.7 million people were killed or died from forced hardships under the Khmer Rouge. Poverty levels are high and child malnutrition, youth unemployment and human trafficking are major concerns.  Despite the prosperity in Siem Reap town, Siem Reap province has high levels of poverty with 36.6% of the population existing below the poverty line. This is defined in Cambodian Government statistics as families whose income is less than 1.25 cents per person per day. The causes of poverty include insufficient food due to: poor soils; inefficient and sometimes unsustainable farming practices; a lack of irrigation systems (due to the country’s topography and a shortage of resources and low levels of education resulting from a shortage of funding, teachers, and resources.

Initially our focus is on education; providing the children of the village with the basic right to learn. We have built 3 classrooms, office/library, bathroom, outdoor play areas, and vegetable gardens. We employ locals to be teachers who assist the students to further their education to go to university.  We will expand in the future to include initiatives that meet the specific needs of rural youth. Our aim is to combat unemployment and illiteracy while relieving destitution in the community. We partner with other agencies to make an even bigger difference in Cambodia..

The school has been built by a team of highly dedicated people who fund-raise in many ways.  We continue to need help so we can give underprivileged children and the families of the commune as much help as they need.  To achieve this we need your help, all assistance is appreciated! Visit our Donations Page 

These businesses show their support with donation boxes, products or accommodation.  Please support those who support us.

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